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Monday, October 01, 2007


Between Birthday celebrations, going out to dinner with friends ( Shari and Sandy) driving into the city to visit Stampology, and going to see "Across The Universe " twice, I haven't had much time for creativity. I went with Barb during the week before she left for Phoenix and I went with Cindy yesterday. I could actually see it a third time.
I bought the sound track and that's what I have been listening while I'm driving.
I was never much into the Beatles music until now. They changed some of it for the movie and the actor's sang all the songs. Great voices.
This is my new favorite movie.
I believe I am obscessed with it (for now).

I'm trying to finish a needlepoint canvas and am
planning another beaded piece of Jewelry.

I'm not feeling the paper art thing right now.
I can't get motivated to do it . I'm enjoying the feeling of fiber , fabric and beads. I know at some point I will get back to it. I guess I just need a little break.