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Thursday, April 02, 2009


We've been home since Monday night.
Our last stop was the Grand Canyon. WOW! It makes me believe in something grander and more omni-potent.
Bob was in awe of it. It was his first time.
We stayed in Flagstaff the first night on the road. The second night, we stopped in Tucumcari NM and the third night, Joplin MO.
Every year I say, "Next time we FLY!"
It's really a long long drive...
Now that I've been home a few days, I'm beginning to feel normal again. I've caught up with everything . Even laundry. Three weeks worth (UG)

I've been working on the Talavera canvas which I've designed from scratch. I certainly admire all the artists who design and paint thier own canvasas. If you want it to be precise and exact, it becomes very intense. For me, it's all trial and error. I guess I love a challenge.....
I'm determined to finish it. So far, it looks pretty good....