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Saturday, July 25, 2009


I was going through Miranda's old toy
box which is being stored in my basement. I found
a little Care Bear from McDonalds.
I thought it would be fun to bead.

So, after two weeks of beading every nite, I ended up with an embellished bear which serves no purpose at all.
I guess it kept me relaxed and I actually had fun doing it.
Thre is something about bead embroidery that totally puts me in the zone..
My trades are done for AU.
Now it's the excitement of waiting for the day to come.
(1 week 3 days)

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Just finished it! I like it, but will I wear
it? Probably not. It 's big and bulky.
Now on to more trades!


It's been over a month since I've posted.
I guess life gets in the way.
Aside from making ATC'S for the Live Swap groups, I haven't been doing much paper art.
I'm into beading again. I've created some more jewelry (I'm thinking of selling some when I'm ready).
June was also a month of life style change. My son moved in with us temporarily. I didn't know how to behave as a mother. I haven't lived with him for
over 20 years. I worried about his eating habits, health, well being etc. Since he's
a middle aged man and father of teenagers, I didn't know my boundries. In a way, I felt the roles were reversed.
He's back home for now and hopefully happier. He has his own space back and so do I.
I'm beginning to prepare for ART UNRAVELED. I'm getting excited and am looking forward to spending a week doing art and hanging out with artists.
I'm also planning to spend a day or two with Barb. Two more weeks of waiting. Thank goodness time seems to fly.
Since I joined Facebook, I've been involved with playing word games with friends and checking out what's happening with people I know (and even don't know). I feel more connected to the world...