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Sunday, July 20, 2008


I woke up yesterday morning and felt this urge to do a collage. I wanted to use some of the new transparent paints I bought last week at the EXPO. I can't say enought about them. They are from TRI ARTS. http://www.tri-art.ca/.

I also used their gloss gel and glaze. I'm really happy with the outcome. So far, I think I like it better than Golden products.
Above is a photo of my collage. I'm in the mood to do another one.
It's been kind of a low key week. Haven't done much socially, except meet Shari one day for lunch, and Sandy and Belinda for Breakfast the next day.
It's pretty sad that my social life mainly consists of eating out. Is that a sign of old age?
Art Unraveled is coming up in a few weeks. I think I'm sorry I didn't sign up. Even though I wasn't too happy with most of the classes last year, I
will miss the actual event. This is the first time in three years that I'm not going. I know I won't miss the Arizona heat, although it's been hot and humid here.(NOT COMPLAINING).