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Saturday, January 19, 2008


The weather is nasty cold and if I can help it, I won't go out.

I HATE WINTER! Hate is a strong word to use, but I emphatically mean it.

One bonus, the sun is shining today. YEAH. Homemade chicken soup weather....

Anyway, I did venture out last night and met Sandy, Cindy and Belinda for a birthday dinner. A belated gathering for Belinda. Went to Carrabbas. Love their food! Shari was missing. This winter weather keeps all of us apart.
I guess I need my fix of art friends more often. They really motivate me with their enthusiasm.

Since I haven't been doing any paper art lately, Sandy challenged me to make something that appealed to me from Somerset Magazine. I did deviate and ended up with a combined collage and beading project. I made it into a birthday card for Belinda. The photo is above.
I probably need to veer away from beading and start doing other art projects. Actually, I'm not feeling anything else right now. Working with
beads, yarn and fabric comforts me the most at the moment.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


I can honestly say, I stuck this beading project out. This is the first time I have followed a graph. I challenged myself and wouldn't quit until I was finished. I'm happy with the end results. Again, I doubt if I'll ever wear this.
My interest in colored pencil was sparked this week, I went to the
Womens Wisdom group at the PRC last Tuesday. We're doing an architectural drawing and I really enjoyed it. It feels good to draw again.
I finshed my Menorah that I painted at the club house this week too. It's being fired, Can't wait to see it...
I started a new afghan with the beautiful colors Vanna White
has in her line of yarns. They are so different than most 4 ply
I have seen. This will take me awhile. It's a good winter (nesting) project.
Shari had me over for lunch last week. A yummy meal and great company. It seems as if we hardly see each other, except for a quick lunch at a restaurant. It was fun hanging out.
I've been laying low and trying not to go out. I'm having dental work done.
I look funny without some of my teeth. It's embarrassing. So staying home will avoid this. Two more days and I'll be able to smile in public again.
Now I have to go and clean my beads up from the last project. I'm making space for somehing new.