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Friday, August 01, 2008


The photos above are three more collages I've finished in the past two weeks.

I've noticed that all my art is the same color scheme. I need to deviate and go out of my comfort zone.

Those paints from Tri Art have really got me motivated!!!


DONE! This bracelet is for Gloria (Shari's mom). It's a Thank You gift for her hospitality when I was in Naples visiting.

Actually , it turned out better than I thought. I was very critical of it as I was making it. The end product looks good to me. Hope she likes it....


This has been quite a week. My grandaughter Miranda has been staying with me. It's really been fun, but hectic. I love having her around. She reminds me of when I was young and full of hopes and dreams. She will be 14 in October.
Typical teenager.
I have to compliment all parents who chauffer their kids around. I have spent the past five days driving and picking her up from various activities (not complaining) . She's very social and loves to keep busy.
I hope I haven't been too over protective with her. I make sure I know where she's at and who she's with when she's out..
I'll miss her very much,but not all the driving.
Isn't she pretty? I have a right to brag. It's OK for GRANDMAS to do so.