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I'm a self taught Mixed Media Artist, I Love to take various art classes. I enjoy being with my friends and family. I'm retired and loving every minute of it

Thursday, November 01, 2007


I'm still beading away. Above are my newest pieces. I'm not bored with
beading yet. Actually, I just started another piece. I'm learning a new
technique and it sure has been a challenge. I won't give up until I learn it.
Not much going on in my creative, domestic or social life.
I've been staying home more. Haven't felt like getting out as much.
It's getting close to winter and I guess I feel like nesting.
I'm planning to tackle the basement soon. I want to make it more conducive to work in. Between better lighting and drywall, I hope I will go down there more often. Slowly but surely, all my art supplies are finding a home upstairs. I had such high hopes for making the basement a studio.
Let's see what happens.