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Saturday, June 26, 2010


Do I ever stick to one project?
The past week has been all "steampunk" Don't ask me why. I guess I am attracted to it.
I wanted to try my hand at beading instead of assemblege.

It's been a stormy week in the Chicago area. Alot of scary thunder and lightening. My dog Sunny hates it. Had him at the Vet yesterday. He's on 3 meds for an eye infection. (probably due to allergies) Poor baby!!!! Having a pet is just like having a child.
I hope to finish the airline reservations for the Tim Holtz Cruise today . I'm getting all pumped up. It's still 3 months away. I'm sure time will fly (as usual).

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I finished the Fabric and Metal collage piece I started in Beryl Taylor's class at Valley Ridge
I enjoyed doing it, but I would certainly consider doing it a different way.
I would make a template first and plan it better. All considered, I
think it turned out O.K.
Now that I've completed this project, I'm thinking about doing some Steampunk stuff.
I love the old vintage rusty look. I certainly have enough stuff buried in boxes to create
a variety of jewlery.
I just emerged from the basement. What a mother load down there. I found tons of objects
and trinkets to play with. Shame on me for wanting to buy more!!! I don't need a thing.
(famous last words)