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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Sandy, Belinda and I got together yesterday to play. We each created a wire bracelet. Had a great time. It's fun getting together with art friends.
We're doing it again next week.
I actually like the way my bracelet turned out. The only problem is that I made it too small. It's even too small for me. I miscalculated the size.
It would probably fit a little girl ( not that she would wear that style).
I'm going to keep it as a reminder to slow down and be patient........
I'm inspired to do another one. MEASURE CAREFULLY!
I ran into Tracy (my daughter in-law) at Culver's today. Shame on me for eating their Hamburger. It was dripping with butter, but oh sooooo good!
The fries were good too and than I stopped at Dairy Queen for a cone.
It feels good to be bad once in awhile!
Anyway, my grandson Alex has an interview on Monday with the Baseball coach at Elmhurst College. It's for a scholarship. Wouldn't that be great! It would take a big financial load off of Keith and Tracy if he gets it. I'm hoping for the best!
I can't believe I'm a grandmother with a grandson starting college. My God, where did the time go?