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Saturday, August 09, 2008


It started out with my garage door deconstructing. A crazy thing! The top panel got hooked on the mechanism and was totally destroyed. We couldn't open or close the door . Bob's car was stuck in the garage all week-end. The repair guy came out on Monday. After a couple hundred dollars, it's working again. The dent is still there . Oh well! No more money out for that...

After a wonderful day out with my friends in Geneva on Thursday, I started driving home and all of a sudden a flat bed truck side swipes me. It ripped off my side view mirror. All that is left are the wires hanging. Anyway ,after an hour of dealing with the police report, I made it home and spent another hour on the phone with Allstate....SIGH I was totally drained after that.

I MUST BE A MAGNET FOR TRUCKS! Second accident this year with semi's.

I was a little nervous driving yesterday. I didn't have my side view mirror to change lanes. I had to do it the good old fashioned way by twisting my head.


I bring the car in for an estimate today.

Other than that all is well. Finished another bracelet shown above. Not very clear, but you get the idea.