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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


What a winter!  Not only in the Chicago area, but all over the world.  What's going on?   It's Too much .

All I've been doing is making cards with flowers, birds, butterflies and anything bright and cheerful.
It keeps my mind off the dullness of winter.
Below are three of my cards.
Since we're not going to Phoenix, I've decided to visit Sandy in Ft. Meyers Florida. I'll be leaving on February 14th.  I guess I won't be spending Valentines Day with Bob. Am I being selfish?
I should have waited one more day.  Wasn't thinking when I made the reservation. He doesn't
seem bothered by it.
I've been participating in the Sketchbook Challenge.  I've actually sketched every day since the 1st of January. I'm finding it very relaxing.
I also signed up for Carla Sonheins "SILLY" workshop.  So far I have  looked at the assignments,but haven't done them. Just not feeling it right now.