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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Mary and I took Amtrak to Chambersburg Pa. The train ride was not bad at all. Didn't sleep much (even though we had a roomette) . We had a layover in Pittsburg and from there we went to Harrisburg. Terry picked us up at the train station and drove another hour or so to Chambersburg. We spent 3 full days visiting with Terry (photo above). It was nice to spend a couple of days doing art.
The above picture is of Mary and Terry hanging out in a local coffee shop
working on their colored pencil drawings. I sat around observing the people going in and out. It's difficult for me to create in public. I'm too distracted.

Chambersburg is a quaint town in South east Pa. Actually, it reminded
me of New England. The arcitecture was very similar. There were also many Victorian homes which were magnificent. The down town area
had a lot of resale and antique shops as well as restaurants and small businesses. Could I live there? NO. Not enough going on.
Anyway, I'm home. I spent all day yesterday sleeping on the couch to catch up with my lack of sleep.