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Monday, February 27, 2006


My newest endeavor is a free form crochet wall hanging.
I'm still in the process of embellishing it.
Been doing alot of crocheting this week. Unfortunately, one of my projects became a disaster. I felted a hugh piece for a tote bag and it turned out lopsided. I tried to fix it and it became worse. Oh well, one more item for my stash of unfinished projects.
I need to start going through my piles of art supplies and decide what is going to be given away or packed for the move.
I hate this inbetween period . It's too soon to pack, but I really want to get started. I'm getting restless.
Drove by the new house yesterday. It doesn't look like they have done a thing in the past week. What a long drawn out proceess. Patience is a virtue!

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