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Monday, August 27, 2007


It's been over a week since I've been back and I just can't get
myself to create new art.
I have been needlepointing. I guess in a way, it's creative.

I have been a little discouraged about the type of art i've been doing. I think I need to do some fine art to acknowledge the fact that I still enjoy it..
Since Art Unraveled, I've been having a problem with originality. Most of the mixed media art looks the same to me.

The picture on the left is Ann Grigh's paint pallette. I love her style and her original way of creating. She sure is an inspiration to me.

Getting back to real life, not much is happening. I had my grandaughter this week end. She is growing up so fast. She'll be 13 next month. It was fun shopping with her and I enjoyed watching her pick out clothes. She definitly has her own style.
Got together with Pam, Ann and Jean to do art on Saturday. There was more talking than creating. I accomplished nothing.


Lisette said...

Art is a constant adventure of what we want to express, who were and the medium we are using. I went to a fine art school and I had the most amazing color teacher and she taught me something that I have found to be so valubale I thought you could use it. When I find myself stuck or uninspired I look to nature. I grew up in New York so you know that wasn't always easy, not much color in the city but, I live in Califnornia now and I have to admit she was right. If you don't have the time to go for anarure walk just go to Barnes and Noble and get a few for those books on oceans, the rainforest. I know it sounds strange but, I ahve sat there and the colors start taking form and ideas start coming to me. I used to forget to bring a pad and write on the receipt of everything I hasd in my bag in lipstick , eye liner. Now I am better prepared. It has never let me down. If you need any help just drop me aline. Thats what we're all here for keeping that creative chain alive.

Sandy said...

Weren't Anne's colorful mess pure fun? It's FREEDOM. Not many of us can be that free with color and painting. Try another Anne-style painting. Make a mask.

You will find your creativity again. Relax while you're doing the needlepoint. You'll find that one thing leads to the next. Sometimes eating, talking, and shopping while being with other creative people helps too. I believe that creative spurts come when you relax and let stuff happen. Find a magazine and do one project in there that interests you. Paint, color, PLAY!!!! Make background pages and bind them into a really cool book. Take out the acrylic glazes and paint some scrapbook pages. PAINT THE FLOOR IN THE BASEMENT. Clean out a box from moving and find some new treasures. I still think you're a little jet-lagged and heat-weary. I am taking Lisette's advice and sitting outside this afternoon.