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Sunday, November 11, 2007


My version of a bracelet I saw and thought I bought a kit for.
A few weeks ago, I was at my local bead store and saw a bracelet I wanted to make.
I bought the kit and when I got home, OOPS, I opened it up and realized it was the wrong one. Since the kit was already opened and I couldn't return it, I decided to figure it out myself.
I really enjoyed the challenge.
My friend Sandy bought the same kit by mistake, so she's making one also!
Can't wait to see her bracelet finished.
Again, I made an impulsive purchase without giving it much thought, but this time it was to my advantage. It gave me the chance to be more innovative.


Sandy said...

Beautiful, Harriet. Mine is coming along slowly. I hope I don't run out of patience before it is finished.

Misguided Teacher and Crazy Art Girl said...

Love that! I could never do that.