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Sunday, March 16, 2008


After three days on the road and an accident, we finally made it.
All was going well until we were about 40 miles west of Albuquerque and all of sudden rubber, chunks of metal and little pieces of who knows what started flying towards our car. A semi truck blew a tire and we were one of the cars hit with debris. The car in front of us really got hit hard and had serious damage. My car ended up with a broken front grill and a dented radiator.
Luckily. no one was hurt. We had to wait for the state police for a report. That added another hour to our trip. I guess Bob and I have a guardian angel! The car was drivable and we were able to finish the rest of the trip. I need to replace the radiator and fix the grill. The truck company is responsible.
Sunny was a perfect little passenger. He caused no problems at all. He slept alot.
When we arrived at Barbs house we were greeted with a wonderful home cooked meal .(YUM).
It's hard to believe we're actually here. NOW IT'S TIME TO RELAX AND ENJOY OUR VACATION!!!
More later

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Sandy said...

Thank goodness you are all OK. Glad to know that you have arrived safely. That accident was pretty scary, I bet. We missed you this weekend when we went to the stamp convention. We didn't buy a lot, but enough. Enjoy Dancing with the Stars tonite!