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Sunday, November 02, 2008


I can not believe my cute little grandson Alex has grown into a handsome young man. The above picture is from his Home Coming Dance.
He will be graduating high school this year (sigh). At the moment he is applying to different colleges . He has already been accepted to two.
I guess I can go on and on as a proud grandma , but I wont. All I can say is he's a good kid!

The election stuff is finally getting to me. Enough is Enough!!!!!
I sure wish it was over so we can get on with our normal lives.
I know one thing, if Obama doesn't win, I want to move to another country..... I can't imagine living here with McCain as President and worse yet, Sarah Palin as a possible president. What is going on? Are people blind? Only three more days and we will know the future of our country.

This week has been filled with creative ideas, but nothing has been executed. I have been cutting up magazines for images. I'm planning to make a mini soul collage deck. It's kind of a challenge to go so small. Actually, I'm going from 5X7 to 2.5X3.5 (ATC size)
I'm also stitching alot. I want to finish a canvas I started many years ago.

I'm off to Pennyslvania this Thursday for a visit with Terry. She is an art friend who moved a couple years ago. Mary G. and I are taking a train and plan to stay about 4 days. It should be relaxing and fun. I'm looking forward to the train ride. There's nothing to do but relax on a train .
I'm sure I'll have stories to tell when I get bcak!

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