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Friday, December 19, 2008


It's not even Dec. 21, and I'm sick of this climate. Each year my dislike for winter grows stronger.

It seems as if my entire life is revolving around this crappy weather.

Since I really hate to drive while it's snowing, I've been sticking around the house alot. Cabin fever is setting in. We're having another snow and ice storm at the moment. I 've been timing my outings between storms. I guess tomorrow will be another stay at home day... A good day to catch up with house work.

I have been doing alot of tea bag folding The medallions are very pretty and I love the designs that are being created, but again, what do I do with all the finished pieces?

Other than folding paper, I've been trying to needlepoint at night. It seems to put me to sleep. I start with good intensions but end up with very heavy eyelids and I start dozing. Maybe I should do it in the morning instead.

Since Bob decided not to go to Phoenix this year

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Sandy said...

I am sick of winter too. I want to go to the bookstore today, but it is way too cold.