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Sunday, March 01, 2009


It's strange how things work out. Bob and I were not planning to go anywhere this winter. Mainly due to expenses.
I was in a crappy mood earlier and decided to make a plane reservation to go visit Barb alone. When I mentioned it to Bob, he said, "why don't we drive and have a relaxing trip." HE SHOCKED ME....
So within a half hour I called Barb , made plans for Sunny and off we go!!!! We'll be leaving this week. Now that the initial shock is over, I'm getting excited. THIS HAS BEEN A LONG WINTER!!I'm so ready to go somewhere.

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Sandy said...

Are you warm yet? It is raining so much here. Downtown Naperville will probably be flooded tomorrow. The little creek behind my house is expanding its borders and the line is almost beyond the beginning of the trees. Who knew we would have lakefront property?

Miss you and hope you are having a good time.