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Monday, December 11, 2006


LUCKY US! We missed the big snow storm!!!!
Spent 4 days on Sanibel Island, 2 days in Naples, 5 days at Disney and 4 days driving. Next time I fly.
I guess the long ride was productive. I finished a needlepoint canvas, read a book and journaled every day. Had a wonderful time, but now it's back to reality.
Went to the "ART SISTHARS" Christmas gathering on Saturday.... My favorite art friends were there has well as many new people. What a friendly, warm group. We made Christmas paper, socialized and ate...


Shari said...

This is a wonderful pix of you and Bob!! The weather looks so inviting---next week is my turn! Too bad we couldn't have timed it together.
Love you--shari

Shari said...

me again!! love all you acomplished artwise. I always bring "stuff" and end up doing nothing!! Years ago when we used to go to Florida every year for the holidays, I would always bring my Xmas cards to address in the car. Needless to say, they never got done. Every year Steve would always make fun of my "good intentions"(he knew I would not get to it!!), so I finally stopped bringing them. Haven't done holiday cards this year yet---probably won't. I may do a New Year's one when I return.
again, love you--shari

Sandy said...

Good for you Harriet!! Are you sharing your journal pages with us? Glad you made it on Saturday. It was good to see you again.