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Friday, July 20, 2007


The past week has been a big blur. I've decided that I am obscessed when it comes to things that don't work'
I have spent almost every day trying to figure out my new lap top . It has the Visita operating system. It is different than XP. I also installed a router. UNFORTUNATELY, my desktop has a virus and I was told not to keep it connected to the internet. So what good is the router? I decided to get a new printer for the lap top only. Lo and behold, I installed the software and a message popped saying it's not compatible with Vista. I was so frustrated. Anyway, I solved that problem by downloading a different driver
from Hewlett Packard. Is all this boring stuff? Sorry, I am just describing one part of my week.
I also spent 2 days staying with Renah, my cousin who is suffering from cancer. She is declining very quickly. She has become unresposive and can't take care of herself anymore. I feel so sad for her. I hope her suffering ends soon.
No art work has been done this week. My other side of the brain was working overtime.
Two weeks until Art Unraveled. Im so looking forward to it. Can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

Harriet, look at how much you've learned this week about computers and routers and viruses and firewalls. Soon you'll be the computer expert! Hopefully your cousinand family will find some peace soon. We're thinking about you. Sandy