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Monday, July 09, 2007


FINISHED! Actually, it was supposed to be a wall hanging. I've decided to use it in my studio
as an afghan, draped over the back of the love seat.
I'm loving the colors. This was fun to do, but a challenge. When it came to putting the backing on, everything was off kilter. I had to improvise and add more material. Hopefully, with my next attempt, I'll be more careful. I'm always in a hurry.
Still working in my trades for Art Unraveled and houses for the swap on the IN THIS HOUSE
Too hot outside to do much. Good time to play catch-up on art projects!!!!


Altered Belly aka. CrazyArtGirl said...

that is really so cool! That is wonderful! Great colors. Can't wait to see it in person.

Sarah S./OpalEyedDragon said...

Harriet, your quilt looks great! What an accomplishment. I am full of admiration.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt. The colors are amazing. It looks like so much work, I can't believe how fast you finished it. Can't wait to touch it

Wabbit said...

Your quilt is awesome, Harriet! All of your work is so beautiful.