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Saturday, September 22, 2007


I'm finally done with my bracelet. It sure was alot of beading. I was determined to finish it, and I Did! Will I ever wear it? Probably not, it's not my style. I am proud of it.
I started out with a vintage button and just went with the flow. I guess it is called free form.

Spent the day with the ladies, doing art. Had a good time. Again, we did more talking than creating. I worked on a needlepoint canvas.

My friend Barb is in town. We've been running around every day shopping and eating out way too much. So what else is new? Haven't stopped at Dairy Queen yet. I'm really surprised.

Tomorrow, Bob and I are having a party to celebrate our 65th birthday. We've invited lots of people, which means FOOD AND DRINK. We are prepared. Our birthdays are only three days apart. I guess turning 65 is an accomplishment. We're still here and in good health and happy too! We have it good!

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Sandy said...

This is even more beautiful in person. The texture is incredible and this picture doesn't begin to do justice to the richness of the colors. It is so beautiful, I can't wait for you to do another. The fact that it was all freeform and intuitive is amazing. You rock, girl!