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Sunday, March 30, 2008


SOMETHING ABOUT THE ARIZONA SUN! IT MADE ME BUY A NEW CAR... While I was waiting for my CRV to be repaired, I went browsing and sure enough this tangerine Honda Element caught my eye and I had to have it. So far, I love it. Got a very good deal and knew I wouldn't be able to do any better back home. Actually, it feels the same as the CRV. I believe it might be a bit higher.
Life has been great here. Bob and I do something different everyday and we feel very relaxed. Haven't been to the Grand Canyon yet. That's on the agenda for this week. I really am not looking forward to going home. I'm liking it here more and more. I seem to have more energy! There are a ton of houses for sale in Phoenix and surrounding areas. I thought the prices would be crazy, but they are not! Some are very affordable and really nice.
Haven't been doing much art, just stitching, eating, watching movies and touring the area.
I miss my Chicago friends, but not the weather.

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Sandy said...

Hey, we miss you, miss you, miss you. We want you to return! Love the tangerine color car. You look like you love it too. Great picture!