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Friday, April 04, 2008


Since I've been in Phoenix, I've noticed a large amount of Hispanic religious art. Santos, retablos, nichos, milagros. I did a needlepoint heart milagro (below). I actually finished it. It was small and went fairly fast. I want to do another one.

I've also started collecting little metal milagros. The other picture above is from one of my many quests to find milagros and other hispanic artifacts. This is the Pedegral shopping mall in Cave Creek. Went to the "Town Dump" also. What a place! I hit the mother load. I found a wood santo , a tin nicho, an etched tin mirror and of course more milagros. I hope there is room in the car to bring home all my new acquistiions.
I found more milagros in Old Town Scottsdale yesterday.
Went to Stampers Frenzy and Old Town Needleworks! What fun! I needed more time to browse. Bob was outside pacing.
My class is this coming Monday and Tuesday and than I guess we will be heading home. I have mixed emotions. I want my own house, but would like to move it here. If I could only bring my family and friends here, LIFE WOULD BE PERFECT!


Sandy said...

Beautiful, Harriet. Where will you hang it when you get HOME - Illinois home. We miss you.

Crazy Art Girl said...

It is wonderful! I hope you have room in your car for a metal nicho for me!