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Sunday, September 07, 2008


I decided to bite the bullet and try to forget the cronic tooth ache I've had for the past week. It won't go away. The dentist put me on an anti biotic for the abscess. I see the endodontist tomorrow. Hopefully they will do a root canal so I can get back to a normal life. Whatever that is.
Anyway, in spite of it all I decided get out and to do stuff this weekend. I got together with the Saturday group and did some art. It's nice when a group of women can sit around and talk about anything. The topic of the day was Sarah Palin and the election. Actually, we were on the same page. I'm glad we all had such negative feelings about the McCain-Palin ticket.
Today was the Bead Show. It was OK. It wasn't very big and there was not much I wanted to buy. I purchased a kit for a Nedeble stitch bracelet and a few cabochons that were on sale. It took about 1 hour to get thru the whole show and see everything.
Cindy and I went out to eat afterwards. I was home before 4:00.
This week has been slow as far as creativity goes. I'm just not feeling it.
I sure hope this coming week will be more productive.

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