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Sunday, January 13, 2008


I can honestly say, I stuck this beading project out. This is the first time I have followed a graph. I challenged myself and wouldn't quit until I was finished. I'm happy with the end results. Again, I doubt if I'll ever wear this.
My interest in colored pencil was sparked this week, I went to the
Womens Wisdom group at the PRC last Tuesday. We're doing an architectural drawing and I really enjoyed it. It feels good to draw again.
I finshed my Menorah that I painted at the club house this week too. It's being fired, Can't wait to see it...
I started a new afghan with the beautiful colors Vanna White
has in her line of yarns. They are so different than most 4 ply
I have seen. This will take me awhile. It's a good winter (nesting) project.
Shari had me over for lunch last week. A yummy meal and great company. It seems as if we hardly see each other, except for a quick lunch at a restaurant. It was fun hanging out.
I've been laying low and trying not to go out. I'm having dental work done.
I look funny without some of my teeth. It's embarrassing. So staying home will avoid this. Two more days and I'll be able to smile in public again.
Now I have to go and clean my beads up from the last project. I'm making space for somehing new.

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