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Saturday, August 14, 2010


I'm going to New York tomorrow with my grandaughter Miranda for a week of fun.

I will get to see my sister and other family members . It's kind of sad that we live so far apart.

It's a rare occasion that we see each other.

The first few days will be spent touring the Big Apple (Miranda has never been there). Hope to see a Broadway play and do the typical tourist stuff.

On Wednesday, we're all going to Lake George, in upstate NY, for 5 days. We're staying at a resort called Tagmore. I've been told it's beautiful. Hope to spend some quality time with Naomi, Rachel and Stella. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!
Above is a photo of the Erenberg kids. (the last time we were all together 2 years ago).
Far left is Harriet, Joni, Naomi and far right Joel.


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