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Saturday, August 28, 2010


Had a hectic fast paced 2 1/2 days in NYC. We went to the Village, China Town, Time Square , a Broadway Play , We saw "In The Heights", The Wax Museum, New Pop Tart Store, Shopping
(Of course), Staten Island Ferry to see the skyline, we took the water taxi to Hoboken N.J,
to see Carlo's Bakery, and finally Central Park. We walked and walked and walked....
All in all, we had an invigorating , unforgettable experience.
After NYC, we headed to Lake George for a peaceful 5 days at a resort called Sagamore.
Spend quality time with my sister and family. Ate good food, sat around the pool, went boating and Miranda went parasailing. ( I chickened out). I prefer the craziness of NYC.
Now it's back to reality.
I really enjoyed spending a week with my Grandaughter. She certainly got a taste of the Big Apple...

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