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Monday, August 01, 2011


                                                               Naomi, Joni, Harriet
                                                                  Brother  Joel

Had a great time with my siblings and other family members.  Naomi, Joel, Rachel and Stella came in from New York.  I met them in the city and we went to vist our old neighborhood, HYDE PARK. We walked and walked, saw old and new sights.  It was  a walk down memory lane.
Later in the day we met the rest of the family for dinner at a Mexican Restaurant on North Wells.
I haven't walked so much since I was in New York last year.
On Saturday, we all went to Joni and David's house for a Barbeque in Rogers Park.  As usual, it was great seeing my entire family together.  I wish we all lived closer. Hopefully, we can do this every year.

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