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Saturday, June 30, 2007


I haven't decided exactly what I'll do yet. The photos are of the two I've created so far.
They are 2 X 3 1/2" in size. So far, it's been fun. I need to make 2o of them.
I really should finish the trades for Art Unraveled . August will be here before I know it.
I'm still working on my quilt and loving it. I'll post it soon.
Got together with Shari, Sandy, Belinda and Sarah for a play date Wednesday. We tried a new technique. I'll scan it later. Shari has all the info on her blog www.creativechatter.blogspot.com
I Spent Thursday and Friday in Chicago. Renah is in the hospital again, so I went to visit her and than went to Joni's to spend the night. I took public transportaion both ways. I came home totally exhausted. I could never commute on a daily basis. Too much chaos. I'm beginning to enjoy my quiet life more and more.....


Sarah S./OpalEyedDragon said...

Your houses look great! I love the color schemes you chose. Fresh and vibrant.

Altered Belly aka. CrazyArtGirl said...

They are very southwest! Way cool. Getting ready for warm Arizona winters?