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Monday, June 18, 2007


Belinda tagged me.
So, here we go!

1. I have a weakness for soft serve ice cream (DAIRY QUEEN)

2. I need to have more than one project going at one time. I get bored easily!

3. Salsa music gets my motor running. Can't sit still. Need to get up and dance.
I've always been attracted to anything hispanic (even men) Olive skin, black hair and dark

4. I want to be taller. It's so hard to buy clothes. I hate hemming!

5. Now that I have my passport, I want to travel the world and experience different
lifestyles and cultures. First stop, Russia to discover my roots.

6. I don't give myself enough credit for my artistic ability. I'm always criticizing my work
and thinking I'm not good enough or equal to other artists.

7. I've worked very hard to overcome my fears. phobias and negative thinking. I'm in a
better place now than ever before. Maybe getting older helps. In other words, what's the
very worst that can happen? Been there, done that!

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